2 Insects to Start Eating

Insects are hard  for westerners to accept as food, but for many tropical people, bugs are large part of diet.

Why eat them? There are generally very nutritious and a great source of protein. Insects are the few animals that can be a protein source.

Here are some insects that could be roasted, fried and ground into flour for baking or for patties.

1. Crickets

Deep Fried Crickets

There are some 20,000 cricket farmers in Thailand. Often crickets are deep fried. Add salt and lyme. Wash the crickets and fry in coconut oil,. lard, beef tallow or another animal fat. Salt and add lyme and enjoy.

2. Mealworms

Chinese Yunnan Mealworm dish

Eating Dry Roasted Mealworms

According to mealwormcare.org dry roasted mealworms are the best way to eat mealworms. They can be used as a source ingredient for baking. When dried they can last up to a year without refrigeration.  They taste like peanuts so they can be a replacement for nuts.

To make them wash them and sepparate dead worms from live worms. Pat them dry and roast them in an oven at 200 degrees fahrenheit for two hours.

The whole worms can be grind into a flour for use baking or frying.

Source: http://mealwormcare.org/recipes-nutrition/


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