Ancestral Birth Control Options and Concepts Part 1: Plants and Physical Barriers

Neem Oil

This is a beginning of a series talking about ancestral birth control methods. None of this qualifies as medical advice as I am not a doctor and at this point, I have no subjective experience of it. People should also do their own research and be their own guru in this regard. At best, this article this is a start to understanding birth control concepts for myself and the reader. I recommend the reader pursue self-knowledge in this regard and become more informed. 

These are some options broken down into concepts for people considering birth control outside of the medical realm. Certain practices men and women could do together to maximize their chances of not getting pregnant. 

Concept A: Plant Based:

  1. Papaya Seeds for Men

Superfood profiles recommends men using half a teaspoons of papaya seeds for men interested in long term birth control. They recommend getting a fertility test to test to see that your sperm count is zero.

Since it is not a permanent birth control, when a men wants to have a baby you can stop using the seeds and your sperm count will return eventually.

Superfoodprofiles wrote about an animal study using languar monkeys.

They said,

“In it an extract of papaya seeds, equivalent to 50 mg per kilogram of body weight per day, was administered for 360 days.

Testing found sperm concentration, motility and viability notably decreased within 30 days and was significantly impaired by 60. After 90 days azoospermia (no sperm count) was observed in all the test subjects.”

Once treatment was withdrawn, sperm function slowly increased and returned to the fertile range after 150 days with no noted long-term side effects. The study concluded that the year-long administration of papaya seed extract ‘disclose no significant toxicological effects and the serum testosterone level was not affected’.”

2. Neem has a compilation of research provided on a pdf with abstracts of the articles.

They recommend using a neem based lubricant for women.

“To prevent pregnancy, use a water based vaginal lubricant with ten-percent neem oil added. Apply before intercourse to give the surface of the vaginal wall time to become coated with the material. If there was no neem lubricant available during intercourse applying the lubricant soon sifter inter-course will prevent implantation.”

Neem is being studied as use as an STD preventative.

3. Wild Carrot

Wild carrot has a history of birth control with not much scientific substantiation that I could find. The reason for this probably is because there is not much profit in use of wild carrot as a contraception “remedy.”

Robin Rose Bennet , a self-identified herbalist, had done an informal survey study of women using wild carrot. She gave background of the study and the conclusions in the paper.

Most of the women used tincture (made from wild carrot flowers and seeds in 100 proof vodka) as their sole method of contraception. Some women used dried seeds if they preferred. Generally, women took wild carrot tincture, 15 drops of flower and 15 drops of seed, every 8 hours, 3 times after each occasion of intercourse. We agreed to pool our information and see what we could see. All of the participating women filled out a monthly menstrual wheel (sample attached) and charted their ovulation (when known), menstruation, times of intercourse, and times of taking wild carrot.

Thirty women participated in Bennet’s study. The women did not use any other form of birth control, including withdrawal. 9 pregnancies were reported during the during the study. About half of the pregancies reported were women not using the birth control as agreed upon.

4. The Unknown and the Undiscovered

What are the unknown plants known only to the surviving indigenous people in the world? If anyone has useful information to share, please contact the blog through the email:

Concept B Physical Barriers: 

5. Gut Skin Condoms

Animal based condoms have a long history of use and now commercially they have found a niche market. Since 2010, Trojan has been making condoms made of lamb intestine. I am not aware of any studies that show they are more effective than latex condoms.

Trojan Natural Lamb Condoms

6. Pessaries

Pesssaries mostly are used to refer to therapeutic aids but they also are used as aids the block sperm from entering a women’s uterus. The diaphragm is the most well known example.

What could an ancestral diaphragm be? In a medical text called Ebers Papyrus, estimated to date from 1550BCE, cotton seed wool was mixed with a paste and placed into the the cervix which acted as a spermicide to prevent sperm from entering the uterus.

Cotton seed wool sounds ridiculous, but this is an important highlight that there was an understanding that a mans fluids in ejaculation could cause pregnancy and blocking those fluids would be a preventative from pregnancy.

Broken down as a concept, a natural based pessary should prevent sperm from entering the uterus. While gut based condoms are commercially available, no gut skin diaphragms exist commercially.

Concept C The Others

7. Seminal retention and withdrawal: the man holds in semen in while having sex. If he can not stop from ejaculation than he withdrawals. All men release a small amount of sperm before they ejaculate. Because of this, this method only reduces the chances of getting pregnant. According to this USA Center for Disease Control Chart, it can fail 22 percent of the time.

8.  Woman Body Awareness

The Woman follows her cycle and abstains from sex during the time she ovulates. There are so many variations of the method with different techniques such as taking temperature or following a consistent cycle.

Concept D: Two to Tango

9. Working Together: With good communication and understanding men and women work together to prevent pregnancy.


You alone can decide what you do the information. I am not a medical doctor nor can I advocate these herbs for your needs. I can not tell you what to do. Please use this information with healthy skepticism and make your own decisions.

Personally, I would take these methods and combine them for my needs to maximize my chances of birth prevention.

I hope this article is helpful for your education.

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