When the Bike Breaks on an Island, Sleep Well on a Beach with a lot of Trash



I rode 32km from a nearby train station across a seawall with a bicycle road.  But instead of taking the cycle road,  I cycled on the other side of the road that had a large sidewalk. Along the way on this sidewalk there  where occasionally fisherman who cast fishing hooks until the water. There were tents pitched on rocks alongside the wall at a lower level and on the side walk on the wall. Cars were parked on the shoulder of the highway. I cycled around the occassional tent, food truck or trailer selling fishing equipment alcohol and cold food. The highway was busy with cars whizzing by so I gazed to the right where the choppy sea gave me a peaceful easy feeling( a phrase borrowed from the Eagles band).

I stopped a few times along the way. I was ripped off by a food truck which sold me a fish cake at 3 times the normal food truck value, which made this cheap road food almost not worth it. However, cycling  and camping is such a cheap way to travel, I can save more sometimes than by staying at home.

I  entered Daebudo Island 대부도  and merged from the sidewalk onto route 301 and followed route 301 past fishing and convenience stores fish restaurants and entered Seonjedo(선재도). The back bike wheel on my bicycle had been slipping. Too much torque and the chain would move but the wheel wouldn’t move. I had no idea what the problem was. Anyway after 2 and half hours of riding at the bridge before entering Yeongheungdo (영흥도), something broke. Pushing down on the pedals the wheel wouldn’t budge. What happened I learn later was that a sprocket connecting the wheel to the gear train broke.

So I decided to sleep. I look under the bridge and I saw people with flashlights walking on the beach below. I took my stuff down a steep hill and scrapped up my legs on the way down. Halfway down I found a trail that I could have taken all the way down. I got to the beach and I took a picture of this bridge below.


I put my stuff down and laid out my sleeping bag and made a fire. The beach was beautiful at night.

In the morning, the beach was less beautiful.

There were styrofoam everywhere in small pellets in the beach.


There was also this huge floating thing used in boating which mussels thought was a good medium to attach too.

That day, I made a fire, and I cooked a simple breakfast on the fire which consisted of noodles and soybean paste boiled in an aluminum pot boiled on the fire.

Getting home was a challenge with a broken bike. It was not a repair I could do myself. I was far from a bike shop.

I looked for a bike shop in town to replace my wheel but I couldn’t find any. I went to a supermarket to buy a snack. When I was outside I met a guy who offered to help me find a repair shop. His business was machinery trade and he was on a business trip to the island. His assistant found me an auto bike repair shop which also repaired bicycles. They told me the directions and it was near. But when I got there it was closed. An old lady living next to the shop called a neighbor to find him and she found out that he wasn’t around, whatever that means.

I thanked her and went to the nearby bridge of the island to try to hitch a ride. After 30 minutes without success, I walked my bike two hours and rode down hills. Then thankfully, a guy stop his truck and introduced himself as a cyclist and offered me a ride. We broke down the bike and put it in his truck. I found out later that he had cycled through South East Asia for 6 months and Hoikaddo and also was a  user and host on warmshowers.org like me. What a great coincidence. He drove me to a metro station which I was able to take home to my house.








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