Waking Up To Spectacular Views at Suraksan

Worknights are a satisfying time to escape Seoul city. So after work I went home and I packed things for sleeping and cooking. The weather looked good so I didn’t pack a tent.  I rode my bike to a nearby trail near Danggogae Station exit 5 with the intention to hike up to a place to sleep. The sun already had set. This was a night hike. I do night hiking quite frequently and without a flash light. It’s a great way to improve your awareness of what is around you. I wore water shoes without ankle support since my ankles have become strong enough to forego mountain boots.

I parked my bike and started walking till I got onto a trail.  One hour later I reached a ridge line.  After 30 minutes of finding un-level ground, I found a small spot of level ground along side the trail that was softened by brown pine needles. It was hidden spot to sleep to not spook anybody and not visible in the morning. Sleeping on this mountain is not banned but it is better to be discrete.  I laid out my sleeping bag and continued my reading an exegesis of Iron John, which is folk tale of how a boy becomes a man.

I woke up on a ridgeline with beautiful views. Suraksan is not the biggest mountain in Korea but it has less people than the more popular nearby mountains and has some of the most peaceful views of all the mountains in Seoul.


I  walked forty minutes to the nearest peak and took these pictures around 6:30am.



How spectacular it is to wake up and see before going to a job teaching Korean kids who do not care about learning English and would rather go outside and play. Looking at the views while on the mountain, I couldn’t agree more with them.

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