Cycling Up to the DMZ has Spectacular Views


One weekend in September, I took my bike as far as I could legally go to the DMZ until checkpoints stopped me. This was when route 3 and route 87 meet near the DMZ.

I started around 1pm on a Saturday and I took cycling roads from north Seoul to Uijeongbu. I changed to route 3 at that point and road through a busy highway. I stopped to buy some red pepper and bean paste sauces to use with my simple rice meals just before getting into Yeoncheon. At the time, I didn’t know that the cycling routes went up into Yeoncheon. When I reached yeoncheon, I then took the cycling roads.

I stopped in a village in Yeoncheon county to sleep. A set up my tent in a soft patch, unpacked my things, started to cook a simple meal of noodles and sauce and played ukelele.

A man stopped and asked me in Korea what instrument I was playing. He appeared to be a man in his 60s. He asked me where I was from and what I was doing and after he ran out of questions he smiled and said goodbye. I studied some Korea and drank some beer and then went to bed.

20160925_113602When I woke up the next morning, I took this picture.

On Sunday, it took me approximately 4 hours to get to the no car zone of the DMZ. Halfway there I stopped to fill up water bottles from one of the many natural springs in Korea. I used the chance to stuff myself with noodles and rice that I cooked in my pot on a my gas stove.


On one side was the spring, and on the other side was this. So spectacular.


And that was worth the trip. I got up to the check point a few hours later and then took then headed south on route 87 which took me through a section of a tourist spot of a shot out building before go through busy town and not so pleasant views of Korean buildings until I got back on route 3 until Uijeongbu. At that point, I took the cycling road back to the area I have been living in Nowon-gu.

Total Cost for the trip was about 15,000 won, half of which was from beer or a coffee. Cycling is such a cheap way to travel that with the right planning, I can go for long cycling trips.

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