Chestnut Forraging

In autumn, there are Korean’s awake in the early morning continuing a hunter gatherer tradition. Many of these people are going to jobs after they gather chestnuts. The chestnuts drop and the shells open. Carefully picking inside, these forragers reach inside and pulls out the chestnuts. The chesnuts fall from the Chesnut tree , not at once, so the people might return to the same area and gather more Chesnuts from that tree.

Gather acorns can be boiled or steamed but I prefer them roasted or baked.

I gathered chestnuts in a forest near my home and bought chesnuts  on sale in a local grocery store. I froze them to kill any weevil or weevil eggs. At camp, I would just pre-roast lightly to kill weevils or their eggs.

At home, I prepared a batch to eat. I scored the chestnuts so they did not explode in the oven.

I baked at around 25o degrees celsius for 10 minutes.




I peeled the chestnuts and enjoyed eating them.


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