5 Steps to Starting Yoga Right

1. Start with Hatha Yoga

Walk away from very flashy looking and quick moving yoga styles. I recommend starting with conservative tradition of Hatha Yoga which emphases stillness and focus on the poses themselves versus the very acrobatic vinyasa styles which are atypical for traditional yoga. If you are stiff and not flexible, these flow styles and the type A people that can be injury.  If you get hurt doing yoga than you have made a mistake. Yoga should not cause injury so you have to to change your approach.

If you want to start tricking out with yoga then save it when you have fundamentals down.

2. Learn how to do it yourself with a good teacher

Find a school that will teach you how to practice on your own and do it.

It’s important to find a teacher that a very mature and balanced approach. A good teacher will help you understand your pose and not push you into a form that will injure you.

Learning to fish is always better than being given a fish and to make any progress with yoga you need to learn and understand what to do.

Be able to do yoga while camping or after a hunting trip or traveling is empowering.  Yoga is a skill that you can do anywhere in a small space big enough for your limbs when spread .

You need nothing but a towel, or blanket, and a good attitude.

Yoga is not a social activity- not that it is bad either. It’s an individual pursuit that empowers an individual. Even in a class, what matters is what you are doing.

Doing it at home will be more peaceful and you will be more aware of what you are doing.

3. Adapt the poses to your ability.

There are people who think that poses are to be followed exactly. But really what is important is that you are working toward a pose. Some poses as a beginner will be flawed so it’s important to focus on getting part of the pose right and then stacking what is needed as you go along.

What you do not want to do is hurt yourself doing yoga or follow a teacher that will hurt you. Go slowly.

4. Practice  once to twice a day and adjust the time to your needs

The ritual of keeping up the daily practice with a little time will help you maintain and improve your practice.

5. Balance Play and Serious Practice

Do everything sincerely but be kind to yourself.

Keeping it playful will be the best way to keep you doing yoga for a healthy life.

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