How You Really Become Successful As a Human Being.

1. Realization that you Are Selfish

Here is some medicine. It’s bitter medicine so this is a warning. It’s not about how much money you make. It’s about how to following your heart. Or put a different way, it is about following your beliefs. Or another way, it is about doing things your way. It’s about being selfish. Everything from raising children, or giving to charity is inherently a selfish pursuit.

2. Disatisfaction.

That’s the easy part. But the shadow of pursuit of anything is disatisfaction.You can not be happy about your state of being. You always will look at what you did and look for ways to improve on what you did.  It’s a non-static pursuit. It’s an active one.

3. Doing It Yourself without Support

The biggest rub to following yourself is giving up the support of those who will not understand. Parents or other people are just people will not support what they do not other stand. You can not wait for support from those around you. You will find the support yourself. To use a cliche: you lose something, but you gain something.

You will change friends and keep the one’s who accept you. Being yourself can be lonely. There is a long tail to this. You eventually become a better person through the bitter and the sweet. You will go through the bitter to get to the sweet.

4. Failure will happen along the way

And along the way you will fail again and again and eventually you may reach your goal. You may even surpass your goal. But life will get better for you by being true to yourself.

Photo Credit: Wikihow


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